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Human Rights

Human Rights

Universal Declaration of Human Rights

Universal Declaration of Human Rights ( UDHR )was adopted on 10th. December, 1948 by United Nations General Assembly ( UNGA ) vide resolution 217 in Paris.

150 Countries signed the draft

Iran signed the draft in 1957

Other International Agreements

International Convent on Civil & Political Rights ( ICCPR )

International Convent on Economic, Social & Cultural Rights

UN on Rights : Freedom from



Torture & Degrading treatment


Interference with privacy


Movement in & out of country

Change of Nationality

Religion, Belief & Openion

Right to



Life, Liberty & Security

Equality before law

Fair public training


Marriage & Family

Own Property

Peaceful Assembly & Association

Participate in Government & Elections

Consider innocent until proven guilty

Rest & Leisure

Adequate standard of living

Join trade union

Participate in cultural life of community