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National Doctors Day

Category : Activities | Sub Category : National events Posted on 2020-10-17 01:04:30

National Doctors Day

National Doctors Day 2020 in India will be celebrated on July 1st to express gratitude to doctors and physicians for their dedicated help towards patients. The day honors the dedication and contribution of the doctors in the worst of times.

National Doctors Day Theme 2020

Every year, the theme for Doctors day is presented by Indian Medical Association. National Doctors Day 2020 theme is Lessen the mortality of COVID-19. The theme is decided keeping in head the larger scale issues related to the doctors, professionals, and the medical field.  

History of Doctors Day

National Doctors Day is greatly admired on July 1 all across nation to honour the legendary physician and the second Chief Minister of West Bengal, Dr. Bidhan Chandra Roy. Dr. Roy was regarded great respect with the countrys highest civilian award, Bharat Ratna on February 4, 1961. The celebration of the Doctors Day is an try to give importance the value of doctors in our life and to offer them our regard by memorializing one of their greatest representatives. Our nation has shown remarkable development in the medical layer and July 1 pays a salute to all the doctors who have made continual efforts towards achieving the aim irrespective of the odds.

Significance of Doctors Day in India

Doctors Day in India was accepted by the Government of India in 1991 to be welcomed and recognized every year on the 1st of July as National Doctors Day. It is acknowledged to value doctors and their role in the nation development. National Doctors day in our country is a big appreciation campaign that provides great chance to all to get aware of the responsibilities, importance, and roles of the doctors as well as hearten medical professionals to come nearer and follow up the responsibilities of the profession very devotedly.

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