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Quit India movement

Category : Heritage & Culture | Sub Category : Indian Heritage Posted on 2020-10-17 21:59:38

Quit India movement

The Quit India Movement (as the Leave India Movement, expressed into several Indian languages ), also known as the August Movement, was a movement initiated by Mahatma Gandhi, during World War II, demanding an finish line to British rule in India.

Why was Quit India Movement started?

The All-India Congress Committee session in Bombay on 8 August 1942, Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi set in motion the Quit India movement. Gandhi take hold of upon the failure of the Cripps Mission, the general frustration with the British in India and the advances of the Japanese in South-East Asia. 

What happened in Quit India Movement?

Launched in India in August 1942, the Quit India Movement was a civil disobedience movement in response to Mohandas Gandhi call for immediate independence. The All-India Congress Committee announced officially a mass protest demanding what Gandhi called an orderly British withdrawal from India. The movement, more than anything, bonded the Indian people against British rule. Although most demonstrations had been crushed by 1944, upon his release in 1944 Gandhi continued his refusal to accept and went on a 21-day fast. Britains place in the world had changed dramatically by the end of the Second World War, and the demand for independence could no longer be avoided. 

The slogan of Quit India Movement.

Quit India Movement: the slogan Do or Die New Delhi, Sep 30: Diving back to the Indian history, in India freedom struggle, Quit India Movement or Bharat Chodo Andolan was a turning point. Under Mahatma Gandhi leadership, individuals across India came united to uproot British imperialism.

Mahatma Gandhi detained during Quit India movement?

The government resorted to severe measures to crush the 1942 Movement,  the other leaders were sent to jail in Ahmednagar Fort and Gandhiji was detained at the Agha Khan Palace in Pune.

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