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Human Rights organisations.. should not be biased

Category : Popular posts | Sub Category : Events Posted on 2020-10-17 22:12:51

Human Rights organisations.. should not be biased

HUMAN RIGHTS WATCH an international organization in its report dated 07/05/2010 accused India of violating human rights, when the government took action against Maoists and its sympathizers. The left extremists are responsible for serious abuses including destruction of schools & hospitals, extortion , torture, rape and killing.

HUMAN RIGHTS WATCH is more concerned about deportation of 7,40,000 ROHINGYAS officially leaving apart nearly 6 lakhs Kashmiri pundits who are refugees in their own country. Unofficially, Rohingyas from the state of Jammu & elsewhere in the country account for 15 lakhs.

Immediately after abrogation of Article 370, HUMAN RIGHTS WATCH South Asia director sought release of those detained in Jammu & Kashmir including separatists, who would otherwise sabotage the peace process and resultant development in the state of J&K.

HUMAN RIGHTS violations in Pakistan are more pronounced. Pakistani Islamist groups committed genocide on minority groups of Ahmadiyas a sect of Islam, Sikhs, Buddhists, Christians and of course the Hindu population in Pakistan has been decimated from 20 percent in 1947 to mere 2 percent as of now. Unofficially a few thousand Hindus out of 20 crore Pakistani population were left. In Bangladesh it has come down from 14 percent in 1971 to 9 percent in 2001. Now it may be even less. HUMAN RIGHTS violations in Pakistan were sounded by a Baloch Leader Mehran Marri and are attested by a Pakistani journalist Mona Allam.

Bishop Franco Mulakkal has been accused of raping a Nun multiple times but left him on bail immediately after arrest.

Four of the five nuns who supported the rape survivor in her fight against the bishop, have again been asked to leave the Kuravilangad convent. The nuns were issued transfer orders earlier and now they have been reminded to leave.

Sister Alphy Pallasseril, Sister Anupama Kelamangalathuveliyil, Sister Josephine Villoonnickal and Sister Ancitta Urumbil have been reminded to execute their past transfer orders to move to other convents in Punjab, Bihar and Kerala.

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