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Consumer Rights

Consumer Rights

1. Who is a consumer?

1. Who is a consumer?

A consumer is defined as a person who buys any product/item or avails a service for certain consideration. Services include Doctor’s Service , repair of any item etc..

2. What is consumer right?

2. What is consumer right?

Right to have information about different aspects of goods/items/products or service such as its quality, potency, purity, price and standard etc..

Rights under Consumers Act:

Right to safety

Right to safety:

A person has the right to be protected against hazardous chemicals/processes of products/services.

Right to choose

Right to choose :

The consumer is assured to choose a product/service, where ever possible, to have access to different varieties of goods and services at competetive rates.

Right to be informed

Right to be informed :

Access to information is guaranteed to assure the dignity, privacy and self-determination of patients.

Right to be heard

Right to be heard :

Consumer has the right to express his openions with out any fear about any product or services or any of his grievances against a product or service.

Right to Consumer education

Right to Consumer education :

Consumer has the right to know the price, quality of the item purchased/services offered, standard trade practices, like warranty period, return policy etc... with which the consumer is informed of the item or services, while making decisions.

Right to seek redressal

Right to seek redressal :

Consumer has the right to seek redressal against any unfair trade practices or unscrupulous exploitaton, which includes a fair settlement of a genuine grievance.

Central Consumer Protection Act-2019..

CCPA [Central Consumer Protection Authority] is formed undrr CCPA Act-2019.

A Complaint can be filed from anywhere such as his work place or residence.

One can seek compensation for harm caused by a product or service rendered, is not as per mutual agreement or as advertised in brochures.

court can refer settlement through mutual agreement or mediation.

e-commerce is also brought under the purview of CCPA act-2019.


Penalties :

District courts –upto 1 core

State courts 1-10 crores

National courts – above 10 crores

  • Consumer Help Line : 1800-11-4000 (Toll free)
  • SMS Name, city to 8130009809 (Charges apply)