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Mission and Vision

Our Vision

To uphold, promote and achieve the objectives embedded in UNIVERSAL DECLARATION OF HUMAN RIGHTS by UNITED NATIONS and declared Fundamental Rights by Constitution of India.

To oppose infringement of Human Rights in any form whether institutional, authoritative or by violence and to coordinate with National and International Organizations working in the field of Human Rights , Governments of various countries, Government of India especially NATIONAL HUMAN RIGHTS COMMISSION in effective implementation of Human Rights.

To visualise a comprehensive society where sense of unity prevails among people breaching all barriers of sex, religion, ethnicity, language, culture and financial status.

To envisage just and habitable environment with varied bio-diversity and where economic goals, do not counter the quality of life.

Secure access to information under public authority and promote transparency and accountability in governance.

Our Mission

Rights are inherent to all human beings regardless of race, religion etc..

We envisage a just society where people respect each other, live a dignified life with access to affordable water and sanitation, quality healthcare and standard of living, free from all forms of slavery ( includes bonded labour ) and servitude.

To promote, protect and advocate implementation of Human Rights, there needs institutional activism and participation, cooperation between organisations working in the field of Human Rights, both National and international, and Coordination with Governmental authorities.

A relentless work towards women empowerment & child rights, who are often victims of Human Rights violation and rehabilitation of the victims is the need of the hour.

Spreading awareness through seminars, encouraging the efforts of all stakeholders in the field of Human Rights Literacy especially among students should be done religiously.

UNITED NATIONS vide it's resolution 64/292 supplemented RIGHT TO WATER AND SANITATION in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Future generations will be short of drinking water, and there needs to be effective conservation of water resources. Exploitation of resources, and de-forestation should be stopped and it is our duty to save bio-diversity for a better future of our generations.

Promote leadership among youth to tackle drug eradication and build strong partnerships with other stake holders such as CSOs and government agencies to end drug abuse, to forward towards a drug free world.

Human Right Cell seeks to contribute to the promotion and protection for all people in India and also view the whole as one family of Human Beings through advocacy and promotion of rights of the citizens.

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