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Who can volunteer

Who can volunteer

Volunteering is open to all world wide with out any barriers of race, religion, gender or place etc...

Parental certification is required for those below 18 years of age.

Volunteers work with out any remuneration including travel allowance, boarding, lodging charges etc..

Volunteers may be provided, but not compulsorily a T- Shirt with organization Logo / any other design suited best in view of the organization. This may be worn at all times during volunteering.

Volunteers are given certificates along with grading depending upon the work involvement of the individual. All rights reserved by the organization in this regard.

An individual can e-Volunteer i.e.Virtual Volunteering in the fields of social media, article contribution, content writing etc..

Physical Volunteering involves field work, and presence of the individual at the place of the requirement.

Volunteers can initiate, work on the lines of the projects indicated or design their own and submit for approval in place of your choice.

Partnering organisations willing to work with us, or share their project theme with us for participation/cooperation/coordination